Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill
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     I reached Tiger Hill (2.59km in elevation) at 4:00am in order to catch a glimpse of the sunrise and the surrounding mountain ranges. And I must say, standing atop an observation platform, what a glimpse it was. Watching the grandeur of a heavenly sunrise and the beauty of towering snow-capped mountains (including Everest), were rare opportunities, indeed.

Breathtaking view of the sunrise from Tiger Hill.

Kanchendzonga mountain range.  The ‘false light’ is a reflection of the light from the rising sun. At 8598m, Kanchendzonga is the tallest mountain in India (and 3rd-highest peak in the world), shared with Nepal.  In spite of a hazy sky, Mount Everest (8848m) was still visible; it is towards the left (not in the photograph).

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