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Tiger Hill

Gangamaiya Falls & Rock Garden

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     Darjeeling, unlike the cities in Rajasthan, is completely situated in the mountains. At an elevation of 2.1km (7100 ft) and in the shadow of the mighty Kanchendzonga mountain, Darjeeling is surrounded by rolling hills, greenery, the Himalayan mountains and, of course, miles of tea gardens (from which the famous Darjeeling tea originates). Reaching Darjeeling was an adventure in itself. The roads were extremely narrow and winding, containing the sharpest of turns (almost 180 degree about turn!), the goal being to go higher and higher up the mountain.

Mountainous landscape surrounding Darjeeling, “Queen of the Eastern Himalayas.”

Steep view of a congested city:  people, stores, cars, vans, smog,...

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