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     Chittorgarh, ~300km southwest of Jaipur, is known as the City of Valour.  The city is most famous for Chittor Fort, a massive, imposing structure sitting 150m (487 ft) atop a plateau in the Aravalli Hills.  Constructed in 5 A.D., the fortress was attacked 3 times. Consequently, the eroded, battle-torn ruins - all that remains of Chittor Fort - is no longer the intimidating force it once was.  Having said that, the sheer vastness of the fort is nothing short of breathtaking. Within the 13km2 (700 acres) lived 75,000 people, including soldiers.  There were also 113 temples on castle property.

The original front entrance to Chittor Fort.

Bottom left: Meerabai Temple - one of 113 within Chittor Fort - is where Meera, wife of Rana Bhojraj, worshipped the Hindu God, Lord Krishna.  Bottom right: Close-up of the temple illustrates the intricate detail of the structure.

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