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       The Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory, the final architectural undertaking of Raja Jai Singh II, saw its origins in Delhi, 1724.  Amid his royal duties as king and warrior, Jai Singh was also an intelligent mathematician and scholar of the cosmos.  To this day, the Samrat Yantra (supreme instrument), a right-angled triangle with a sun-dial dome, is “accurate to half a second.” Based on these precise measurements and the disposition of the planets and stars, Jai Singh moved his capital from Amber to Jaipur in 1727.

Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory.

Jal Mahal, or the water palace.

     Below: This ancient cooling system was built into Amber Fort.  Water flowed from the roof through a carved, white marble chute. As a result, fresh, cool air emanated from the finely-chiselled stonework.  This was an impressive accomplishment, providing the palace residents with much welcome comfort during in the midst of dry, desert heat of Rajasthan.

Primeval air conditioner, Amber Fort.


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