Jaipur (con't)
Jaipur (con't)
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     Jaipur is also known as the Pink City. The colour of the grand Hawa Mahal (right) - arguably the most striking monument in Jaipur - is likely one reason why.  Interestingly, the shade of sandstone varies with the time of day and year, ranging from a vivid pink to orange and a faded yellow.

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Hand-painted elephant.

     Anyone walking along the streets of India will surely notice a wide variety of animals. And not just the typical, run-of-the-mill domestic pets such as cats and dogs. The camel - also known as the Ship of the Desert - is a time-honoured vehicle of transportation in Rajasthan.  However, during the construction of massive fortresses centuries ago, elephants were the principal form of transportation. As a result, many forts were designed with built-in elephant ramps. Today, people can still travel this way through cities such as Amber (northeast of Jaipur).

Camel in Rajasthan: ‘Ship of the Desert.’

     Below is a finely decorated garden courtyard in the City’s Palace, or Chandra Mahal.  Inside the palace is a large museum that provides a detailed account of the opulence and everyday life of the maharajas, including ornate costumes, royal furniture, rifles and silver swords.


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