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Dietmar, a fellow tourist from Germany (and avid photographer) atop his camel.  Shadow on right is me and my camel.

     The journey to Pushkar was certainly a memorable one -- my first time riding a camel! Considering my past reluctant relationship with animals [the first time I got on a horse, I fell off; suffice to say, it was my last time I even remotely approached a horse], I think I was a little to eager for the opportunity to ride a camel. But in spite of some mild soreness in the leg and groin area, ‘sailing’ aboard the Ship of the Desert wasn’t so bad!

Aboard my camel, Ramu, in the desert-like terrain of Pushkar.

Our trusty camel guides.

Water break ... for the camel, not Chris.  This particular camel was particularly feisty. Interestingly, the camel guide named the camel ‘Chris’. Coincidence, I’m sure.

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