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       The 6 days I spent in Rajasthan, the Land of Princes, were truly magnificent.  I should confess that I am fascinated by castles. In Sept.í99, I had the opportunity to travel through England and Scotland,  exploring the immense history of Edinburgh and Inverary Castles (among several others). A deep-seated interest of mine is to see castles and palaces from around the world, to compare and contrast their history, architecture and location.  Rajasthan is a majestic state of kings, forts, lakes and palaces. And what a contrast these palaces were to those of the U.K.!  Over the course of 6 days, I visited 6 different cities (listed left).  The weather during the last week of November was very comfortable - quite unlike the hot, humid, torrential-rainfall conditions characteristic of the Monsoon season to which I am most accustomed (Iíve visited India 4 times during July & August...not recommended!)

Entrance to Amber Fort, Jaipur.

Trees, hills, dry land nad blue sky -- surrounding landscape enroute to Jaipur from New Delhi.

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